Join our AI Dungeon Discord server!

Come hang out with other players and the devs on the official AI Dungeon Discord, where you can meet people in the community or:

  • Share your creations and get feedback and praise
  • See other people’s creations and talk to them about it
  • Look for other players for multiplayer experiences
  • Ask questions about the AI and how to use it
  • Read tips and tricks for getting the most out of AI Dungeon

The Discord has several channels you might be interested in:

#AID-General is the best place to share and discuss gameplay experiences.

#Community-Help is for getting help and advice from experienced users.

#AID-Feedback is the channel where you can tell us what you think!

Follow AI Dungeon on social media

We're fairly social! Follow us on TwitterInstagramTwitch, and YouTube. Feel free to DM us anytime or tag #aidungeon on relevant posts.


Check out the official, community-built Wiki

Members of the AI Dungeon community have spent time putting together an extremely detailed Wiki about all things AI Dungeon. Check it out here!


Can I be part of the AI Dungeon community even if I don't publish my content?

Of course! If you're an AI Dungeon player, then you're a member of the community by default. We welcome active members and lurkers alike. If you're hoping to engage with more players, then we encourage you to join our Discord server. You can also follow us on TwitterInstagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

Where can I watch others playing AI Dungeon?

We created a playlist on our YouTube channel featuring people playing AI Dungeon—check it out! You can also search for fellow AI Dungeon players on Twitch and YouTube—there are tons out there. Our friends at Secret Sleepover Society sometimes play AI Dungeon on their streams. We love their adventures!

Do you support Multiplayer?

Read our Community Guidelines here


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