Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to AI Dungeon, an AI-guided role play experience and interactive storytelling tool. Create your account now!
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The Basics

Choose Your Adventure

Pick or create a character, a world, and a story.

The AI fills in details for your unique adventure: choose from predefined worlds by other creators, pick a random one using quick start, or make it up yourself!

Take Any Action

You decide what your character does or says.

The AI advances the story and helps shape characters and world events for you to interact with. Or, write your own text with story to advance the plot how you want—it’s your adventure: anything you can type, you can do!

Every story is unique and unexpected.


Make it Yours

You are the main character AND director of your story.

Use tools like Undo, Redo, Retry, and Edit to control the action. Live out your wild ideas however you want: you’re in charge!

Save your adventure for later and share your creations with others.

Things You Should Know

  1. Anything is possible. Literally anything. You can type any action you think of and the AI will try to generate a story off of it. It's not always perfect, but you'll be surprised at what's possible.
  2. AI is hard. This is a game that's unlike anything you've ever played before. It uses cutting edge AI tech to generate the responses. That being said, there may be weird quirks that you notice. We're always working on improving the AI and keeping up with research, so AI Dungeon will get better as new AI research advancements come out.
  3. There are a lot of ways you can improve your adventure when the AI struggles. Use features like Undo and Edit to keep the AI on track. Read more in AI Dungeon 101 to learn about how these different commands work.
  4. Your adventures are automatically saved and can be rejoined at any time by visiting them in 'My Stuff'.


How does AI Dungeon even work?

It's part-science, part-magic. ✨

Just kidding, it’s math. So much math. More math than the human brain can comprehend or fathom.

AI Dungeon uses a type of artificial intelligence called a neural net to mathematically analyze the text you put in, then generate text that is likely to follow. Basically, the AI reads the last part of your story and tries to guess the next possible set of words, generating the story and results of your actions as you play in endless virtual worlds.

Why do I need an account to play?

Excellent question!

We host the AI model on the cloud to enable you to play on any web browser or mobile device of your choosing: AI Dungeon is powered by such a massive AI model, there’s no way it could fit on any mobile device or even most PCs on its own. We run the AI on our own expensive computer hardware, which we are letting you use to generate endless content.

Having an account allows us to give you actions, which have to be limited to prevent bots from spamming our AI with bogus activity. We try to give you enough actions that you won’t be hindered by the limit, but if you want more, there are ways to get them, including a subscription.

We also store your adventures in the cloud, so you can always access and play them through your account, even if you switch between devices. You access them through My Stuff, which is linked to your account. If you choose to publish your stories, they will be listed under your account name.

In short, having an activated account on AI Dungeon lets us give you a full experience.

Create or login to your account here.

Can I play AI Dungeon on my phone?

Yes, you can! We want to make sure players can enjoy AI Dungeon whether they're on the go or only have access through a mobile device.

You can play AI Dungeon on your phone or other mobile devices by downloading our app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

You can also play on our website through your mobile browser, just like you would on a desktop computer, if the app isn’t working on your phone for any reason.

Can I play AI Dungeon for free?

Yes, AI Dungeon is a free-to-play game, no matter what device you're playing it on. Your free account grants you access to all of AI Dungeon's basic features.

If you're curious about additional features available to Premium subscribers, check out AI Dungeon subscriptions. Free trials are available.

We also have a new, free-to-play Steam version of AI Dungeon, which gives you unlimited Griffin.

Can I play AI Dungeon offline?

No. To make AI Dungeon work, we use powerful servers running some of the largest language models in the world.

Can I search for content on AI Dungeon?

Yes you can!

Go to the Left Sidebar and click the button for “Search” (formerly known as Explore). You can search Scenarios, Worlds, or Adventures by clicking the tabs at the top.

Just type in a key word or two and hit enter to see what’s available. You can also click on one of the tags for an existing piece of content to see more things with that tag. You may also want to mess with the filters to find different options.

You may find that you don't always get results after typing something in search. This may be rectified by trying the following:

  • Check your search filter settings. By default, “Published” is set to false, which means that only content published by approved creators will be shown and searched through. Enabling this filter will allow you to search through content published by all users, however be aware that quality may vary.
  • Refine your search to be less specific — it may be too niche of a subject.

By default, mature and NSFW content will not show on search unless you have “Safe Mode” disabled in your Settings.

What's the difference between published and unpublished scenarios?

Published scenarios are public and available for anyone online to see, read, or play. These are subject to moderation as per our community guidelines.

Unpublished content is private, meaning that they are only available to the user who wrote them to edit, view, and play. They are encrypted on the server, and even Latitude staff cannot see them.

While no human beings will read your unpublished content, the AI is still set with a filter designed to pick up on any content that may go against our community guidelines, regardless of whether or not the adventure is published. While there are instances of false-positive filters, we suggest users be mindful of times when the filter may be triggered by explicit content or excessive swearing.

If you trigger the filter, the AI will prevent you from proceeding with your original input. Just go back and change your input to something that doesn’t trigger the filter.

You can read more about how content is moderated in both published and unpublished scenarios in Our Shift to the Walls Approach.

If you need a refresher, go check out our community guidelines.

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