What is Griffin?

What is Griffin?

What is Griffin?

AI Dungeon and Voyage rely on AI language models to drive the experiences. Each of these models has been developed independently and has different characteristics.

Griffin uses a 6 billion parameter GPT-J model developed by EleutherAI. Griffin is one of the most performant models we have, which means you can generate more responses in less time. Griffin also tends to be one of our more unexpected models, which has both positive and negative impact on the experience. In some instances Griffin might require more retries or editing. In others it can add interesting, unexpected turns to your adventures and games. Because it’s a comparatively smaller model (it’s still massive!), more tokens can be sent with each request, which means that you can give the AI more details to consider when generating stories, which is often useful for longer narrative arcs with important details that need to be retained. Although Griffin is available for all players, larger memory is a feature available to paid users.

Griffin is available for all players of AI Dungeon.

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