What are Adventures?

What are Adventures?

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What are Adventures?

“Adventure” is the word we use in AI Dungeon to describe a standalone playthrough, also referred to as a story. Adventures are made up of a title, a description, tags, some settings, Memory, World Info, Authors Note, and a whole lot of Actions.

When you play AI Dungeon, you are doing so in an Adventure.

Adventure Settings...

Click “Edit Adventure” in the context-menu to change the Adventure Settings. These are mostly options about how it shows up in searches, whether it’s published, and the overarching gameplay features used.

Title - This is what the Adventure will be listed as in My Stuff, or in other people’s Search if you Publish it. You should change the name of your Adventure as soon as you know what it’s about, so you can find it easily later.

Description - More information, the first part of which will be displayed with the listing under the title. You can use this to keep more information describing the adventure, which is especially useful if you want to recap yourself later or you intend to publish it.

Tags - You can give your Adventure up to 10 keywords to help find it in searches, either by you (in My Stuff) or by someone else if you Publish it. Tags should be short and simple, the kind of tags other people are using, and the kind of tags people will search for when trying to find Adventures like yours.

Flagged NSFW - Turn this on if your adventure contains NSFW content. If you publish it, this will hide it from safe searches, and keep you in compliance with our content rules.

Publish - Makes it possible for others to see your adventure, and find it in Search.

Unlisted - Won’t show up for other people in Search, if it’s Published, meaning the only way other people will be able to find it is if you link it to them directly.

Allow Comments - Lets people who see your adventure leave comments to tell you what they thought about it. (recommended)

3rd Person Only - Switches the DO/SAY modes to use a character name instead of “you”.

Banned Words List - The interface will prevent any words entered here from being entered by you or the AI.

Context Tools

Memory - An Adventure’s Memory is sent to the AI before the latest part of the story every time it generates a response, and is used to give it context for what should happen next. Memory can be accessed from the right sidebar during play.

World Info - An Adventure’s World Info entries are sent to the AI before the latest part of the story if (and only if) one of their Key words came up in the last few sentences. A story’s World Info database can be accessed from the Edit screen, or the right sidebar during play.

Author’s Note - An Adventure’s Author’s Note is sent to the AI as part of the latest part of the story to give it hints on what kind of thing it should be writing. The Author’s Note can be accessed from the right sidebar during play.


The meat of an Adventure is the story text, which is made up of individual Actions.  Actions are blocks of text, up to 4000 characters long, which are created when either you send an input or the AI sends a response. Actions can be individually edited, undone, redone, permanently deleted, reported for having an issue with AI output, or even have an image added above them, by using the “...” button that appears in the upper-right corner when you click them.

Actions created with the Do and Say buttons will be marked with icons to the left of them to show that. Note that the AI sees this icon as a “> “ added to the beginning of the action. Story Mode inputs and AI outputs will not have this icon, and will thus be indistinguishable from each other.

You can see how many actions you’ve done

The Adventure Interface


Input Buttons




Right Sidebar Controls

You can access this by clicking the gear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Prompt Settings


World Info will open the World Info entries for this adventure, allowing you to view, edit, add, or remove them.
Inspect Input shows a popup with the last block of text that was sent to the AI, which is useful if you’re not sure what the AI is seeing.
World Events is only available in an adventure started from a World, and shows
AI Feedback

Advanced Settings


Note: mention Safe Mode


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