How do I report a bug?

How do I report a bug?

How do I report a bug?


If you would like to report a bug or a technical issue, then we encourage you to check if it has already been reported by another user. If it hasn’t been reported yet, then please create a new report on the Latitude bug reporting page.

Please be sure to share the following information in your post:

  • A detailed description of the issue — for example, are you running into an error message, or a blank screen, or is it something else entirely?
  • Are you encountering this problem on a computer, a tablet, a phone, or another device?
  • Have you tried or have access to testing if the same issue persists on a different platform, e.g. web vs app, or mobile vs a computer? Do you see the problem across all platforms?
  • Lastly, if you happen to have a screenshot or video of the issue, that would also be helpful.

Please be sure to include as many details as possible including which device you are on and if you are able to reproduce the issue.

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