Prompt Settings

Prompt Settings

Prompt Settings

Prompt Settings are powerful tools that help the AI be more coherent and stable during gameplay. Here are some tips for each of the settings:


Memory is sent to the AI before the actual story input to give it context before generating a new output. This feature is generally used to increase the AI’s accuracy and provide details about unique and relevant aspects of the setting of the story, your player character and their immediate companions, or overarching story details that aren’t always mentioned but are always relevant. Read more about Memory here.

Author's Note

The Author’s Note is always positioned 3 lines above your current input when context is fed to the AI. It is generally used to give the AI details about the story’s genre(s), preferred writing style, or tone. Read more about the Author’s Note here.

Banned Words

The Banned Words list is a way to filter out words that may be sensitive to you. It can be especially helpful in Multiplayer to prevent other players from saying or using specific words. When players try to send actions with Banned Words, the actions will be blocked, deleted, and not used. This Banned Words list applies only to the current Adventure.

The Banned Words List also sends an instruction to the AI to lower the likelihood of using the words when generating responses; however, because of how the AI considers words, the output may still sometimes contain a Banned Word. A potential workaround is to include multiple versions of the same word in the list. For example, if “gun” is added, consider adding “guns” as well.

World Info

World Info is more text that is sent to the AI before the latest story input to give it context. This is generally used to give the AI details about recurring characters, visited places, past events, or anything else pertaining to the Adventure’s World that isn’t always relevant but could be brought up again. Read more about World Info here.

World Info will open the World Info entries for this adventure, allowing you to view, edit, add, or remove them.

World Events

World Events shows currently active events and a button to turn them on or off. This is only available in an Adventure started from a World with events enabled.

Inspect Input

Inspect Input shows a popup with the last block of text that was sent to the AI, which is useful for debugging if you’re not sure what the AI is seeing.

AI Feedback

AI Feedback opens a dialogue box to tell us how the AI is doing in your Adventure; submit details to help us make the AI better if you get a particularly good, bad, or interesting generation.

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