Global Settings

Global Settings

Global Settings

Global Settings are a tab in the sidebar settings menu when playing an adventure. Here's how each setting works:


Safe Mode

Moderates explicit content in both the user's input and the AI's output.

  • Strict: Restricts the majority of explicit content to provide a safer experience.
  • Moderate: Allows the use of some explicit content.
  • Off: Disables the safe mode filtering.

Banned Words (Global)

The banned words list is a way to filter out the words that may be sensitive to you. It can be especially helpful in multiplayer to prevent users from saying specific words. The global list applies to all adventures. The Model Settings banned words list applies to a specific adventure.

AI Dungeon 2D

AI Dungeon 2D will automatically match AI-generated pixel images to your story. Current pixel images are made using Pixray and Dribnet.

Enable Beta Features

By enabling beta testing in your Settings, you can check out the latest AI Dungeon features in development. As a beta tester, you can experiment with features we plan to launch and review our latest improvements to AI Dungeon. Learn more about beta.

Low Bandwidth Mode

Enabling low bandwidth mode will limit images that are served. This is helpful for players with slower mobile networks. Low bandwidth mode doesn't stop ads from being served to support free play.


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