Global Settings

Global Settings

Global Settings

Global Settings affect your AI Dungeon experience across every adventure. These can also be found under your Main Global Settings.

Safe Mode

Moderates explicit content in both the user's input and the AI's output.

  • StrictRestricts the majority of explicit content to provide a safer experience.
  • ModerateAllows the use of some explicit content.
  • OffDisables the safe mode filtering.

Note that turning this off does NOT allow you to break the Terms of Service.

Banned Words (Global)

The Banned Words list is a way to filter out words that may be sensitive to you. It can be especially helpful in Multiplayer to prevent other players from saying or using specific words. When players try to send actions with Banned Words, the actions will be blocked, deleted, and not used. The Global Banned Words list applies to all Adventures.

The Banned Words List also sends an instruction to the AI to lower the likelihood of using the words when generating responses; however, because of how the AI considers words, the output may still sometimes contain a Banned Word. A potential workaround is to include multiple versions of the same word in the list. For example, if “gun” is added, consider adding “guns” as well.

Enable Alpha/Beta Features

Enables access to features in development and not yet released. As an Alpha or Beta tester, you can experiment with features we plan to launch and review our latest improvements to AI Dungeon. 

Note that these features are likely incomplete and may contain bugs. If you do find bugs, leave a report on our Feedback Site.

Low Bandwidth Mode

Disables images. Toggle this on if you have slower internet or want faster performance.

Improve The AI

If toggled on, the AI will occasionally give you multiple responses to choose from. This helps us evaluate what AI versions are performing better.

Model data, including what was fed into the AI and what the AI output was in turn, will be logged anonymously so we can detect and fix issues to further improve how the AI works.


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