Art Settings

Art Settings

Art Settings

Instructions about our image generation settings. Find these under the Art tab of your in-game adventure settings.

Image Source: Choose between our Pixel Art Image Cache, Fantasy Image Cache, or Stable Diffusion Image Generator.

Image Style: Details for the AI to include across all images you generate in AI Dungeon. Anything in this text box will apply to every picture you add in your story. We have automatically included a few default terms that are appended to your See prompts in an effort to create the best possible output every time.

Image Generation Cost: Starts at one credit and may go up depending on how you adjust the settings to account for increased computation.

Advanced Settings

Steps: Determines how many passes the model makes during image generation. More steps generally result in higher quality images but also increase generation time and may increase generation cost. Stable Diffusion works well with the default 50 steps. Fewer steps will generate faster results.

CFG Scale: Adjusts how similar your image will be to your prompt. Higher values keep your output closer to your input.

Sampler: The diffusion sampling method, or how it "interprets" the prompt. Each sampler has a different visual impact on the outputs. The default is “k_lms”. Test the same prompt and settings with different samplers to see how they affect your image.


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