The AI Dungeon Economy Overview

The AI Dungeon Economy Overview

The AI Dungeon Economy Overview

The AI Dungeon economy features a currency (Credits), and three resources (Gold, Scales, and Actions). This article will explain what each of them is, and how they can be used together.


What are Credits

Credits are the primary currency inside AI Dungeon. They are granted as a membership benefit, or players can buy them as a one-time purchase.

Credits are used for:

  • Image generations. An image generation starts as low as 1 credit and can go up to 50 credits or more per image for more expensive models, with discounts given for current members.
  • Trading for Gold. 1:1 trade value. Only AI Dungeon members can exchange Credits for Gold.
  • Trading for Scales. 1:1 trade value. All players can trade Credits for Scales. (coming soon)
  • Trading for Actions. 1:1 trade value. Players using the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon can trade Credits for Actions (coming soon)
  • Credits can be traded for any resource (Gold, Scales, and Actions), but resources can’t be traded to get Credits

Credits do not expire, and they will be retained by the player even when downgrading from a membership to the ad-supported AI Dungeon experience.

Getting Credits through a Membership

AI Dungeon members will receive Credits as part of their membership benefits. The amount of credits varies by tier, and members who pay for multiple months upfront get ALL their credits as a lump sum after their first successful payment. During your free trial period, you’ll be granted 50 Credits.

The Credit amounts per tier are:

  • Adventure—480 Credits per month
  • Hero—760 Credits per month
  • Legend—1650 Credits per month

One important reason we provide credits to members is that it lets players decide where to spend their Credits. Some may choose to buy Gold and others may generate images. They are flexible!

Purchasing Credits

All players can purchase Credits within AI Dungeon by clicking the Credit resource near your profile photo in the left sidebar menu. Players can purchase bundles of Credits:

  • 80 Credits for $0.99
  • 500 Credits for $4.99
  • 1,200 Credits for $9.99
  • 2,500 Credits for $19.99
  • 6,500 Credits for $49.99
  • 14,000 Credits for $99.99

Credits are available for purchase on web, iOS, and Android. Credits are not available for purchase on Steam.

Gold (coming soon)

Gold is a consumable resource available to AI Dungeon members only. For Adventurer and Hero plans, Gold is only consumed when the Dragon AI model is used. Members can also hoard their Gold, unlocking unique rewards.

How to get Gold

Members can get Gold by trading Credits or Scales with a 1:1 exchange rate for both. This can be done by accessing the Gold Hoard screen by clicking the Gold resource near your profile photo in the left sidebar menu.

Gold also recharges! Gold will be recharged at a rate of 1 Gold every 20 minutes.

Also, new AI Dungeon members will receive 400 Gold at the start of their subscription. Members who are resubscribing after time away will retain up to 2,000 of their previous Gold Hoard. If their Hoard was less than 400 at the time of cancelation, it will be reset to 400 Gold.

Hoarding Gold

Members can hoard an unlimited amount of Gold (which is different from the Energy system Gold replaced, which was capped at 2,000 Energy).

Hitting milestones of acquired Gold will unlock unique rewards and features. The Gold Hoard milestones and the rewards they unlock will remain a mystery to the entire AI Dungeon community until the first member discovers them.

Being a Legend member is the fastest way to grow your Hoard because your Gold isn’t spent on Dragon Actions (get Unlimited Dragon as a Legend member).

Will you be the first to unlock the next Gold reward?

Using Gold for Dragon Actions

Dragon continues to be the most expensive AI language model we provide, and so each time you take an action using Dragon, whether a new prompt or a retry, a Gold is consumed. Members on the Legend plan will NOT consume Gold when using Dragon because their plan includes Unlimited Dragon use.

Changing Plans with Gold

When members move from one membership tier to another, their Gold Hoard moves with them. This is true whether upgrading from one membership to another or dropping to a lower tier.

If a member cancels, they can retain up to 2,000 Gold from their Hoard in case they want to resubscribe in the future. Gold is a member-only resource, so although up to 2,000 Gold will be retained, players won’t be able to see or use their Gold Hoard until they re-subscribe.


Scales (aka Dragon Scales) are a resource that can be traded for other resources like Gold and Actions. Scales can be used to tip other players for their creations, such as worlds and scenarios. In the future, scales will also be used to purchase benefits like image packs, avatars, and more.

Why and How Scales Have Changed

Scales were the first currency in AI Dungeon, and their function is different now than it used to be. We changed Scales because, previously, they were both a Hard Currency and a Resource.

In game design, a resource is something players can earn by playing the game. They are often given out as rewards. A hard currency exchanges real money for game money and is typically used to purchase in-game features with greater cost or value. Hard currencies can usually be traded to gain resources, but it rarely goes the other direction.

This got complicated with Scales. There were actually subtle distinctions in Scale “types”. There were “earned”, “tipped”, and “purchased” Scales. There were complicated rules about what actions you could take with each of these Scale types. For instance, you could tip a player with “purchased” scales but couldn’t tip others with those scales you received.

The new features we’re offering require us to split the functionality of Scales into two. Scales will continue as a resource instead of a hard currency. Credits will now be the hard currency option and can be used to purchase Scales.

How to Get Scales

Players can get scales in 3 ways:

  • Daily rewards—Log in daily to get free Scales
  • Trading Credits for Scales—Credits can be exchanged for Scales at an exchange rate of 1:1.
  • Player tips—Players can tip each other Scales! Make a cool scenario or a unique world, and those Scales might start flowing in!

Long-time players of AI Dungeon know that you used to be able to purchase Scales with money. Scales are now a resource, not a hard currency. You can purchase Credits, then convert those to Scales if you’d like to pay to get more Scales.

Ways to Use Scales

Trade Scales for Gold (Members Only)

Build your Gold Hoard or get more Dragon actions by trading your Scales for Gold. Scales can be exchanged 1 to 1 for Gold.

Tip Players with Scales (Coming Soon)

Players can tip today using “Tippable” Scales, which are Scales that were purchased with money. Coming soon, you can use all Scales to tip other players.

Tips are a way to show appreciation for other players. When you tip a player, you are giving them some of your scales as a token of appreciation. The most common reason players tip others is to say thanks for Scenarios or Worlds they built.

Trade Scales for Actions (Ad-Supported Only)

Players using the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon can trade their Scales to get ad-free Actions. The conversion rate is 50 Scales to receive 20 Actions.


Players of the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon use Actions every time.

How to Get Actions

Actions can be obtained by watching video ads. In the Manage Actions window, you can watch ads and earn Actions.

You can also exchange Scales to get more Actions. 50 Scales will earn you 20 Actions.

How to Use Actions

Actions are automatically used whenever you take an action on the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon. Actions are consumed for both prompts and retries.

Saving Actions

Players using mobile devices can store up an unlimited number of Actions. No matter where Actions are earned, they can be used on any device.

For players using the web version of AI Dungeon, there is a limit of 40 Actions that can be stockpiled at a given time. This is due to the limitations of ad providers we’ve been able to partner with for our web experience. We are hoping to find other ad providers so that we can remove the limit on web as well.


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