How do I get ads to work?

How do I get ads to work?

How do I get ads to work?

With the introduction of ads, some players are having trouble getting ads to load. Here's a guide to helping you get ads to work so that you can play the free version of AI Dungeon.

Why Ads

When you watch ads or subscribe to AI Dungeon, you are helping pay part of the cost of your AI-driven experience. This, in turn, allows us to continue to offer a free version of AI Dungeon and to build the best place in the world to find, play, and create experiences with AI. We spend ~$500,000 USD annually to support the free version of AI Dungeon. Ads help cover some of these costs. Without ads, we likely wouldn’t be able to support a free version of AI Dungeon. Ads also let us provide more features to the free AI Dungeon experience than we have in the past. Learn more on our blog.

How To Get Ads to Load

The reason ads don't load in AI Dungeon is that they are being blocked. There are a few reasons ads may be blocked, including blockers in extensions, browsers, devices, firewalls, DNS, or even countries.

Here are some things you can check to get ads working so that you can earn free actions by using Ads:

Whitelist AI Dungeon in your adblocker. While we respect your right to block ads you won't be able to generate free actions that use ads to sustain free play on AI Dungeon. You can whitelist in your adblocker to enable ads again.

Here are instructions for how to whitelist in popular ad blockers:

Adblock Plus

  1. Click the Adblock Plus icon
  2. Click “Enabled on this site” to disable ad blocking for the current site
  3. Reload the page


  1. Click the Ad Block extension icon
  2. Click “Don’t run on pages on this domain”
  3. Reload the page


  1. Click the Ghostery extension icon
  2. Click “trust site”
  3. Reload the page

uBlock / uBlock Origin

  1. Click the uBlock / uBlock Origin icon
  2. Click the “power” button
  3. Reload the page


  1. Click the Disconnect icon.
  2. Click “Whitelist site”

If it's still not working, here are more things for you to try:

Disable ad blocking in your browser. Some browsers now have adblocking built into the browser, depending on the settings you have selected. We've seen cases of Edge and Firefox both blocking ads even when the AdBlock extension is turned off. Here are instructions for adjusting those settings in Edge and Firefox.

If AI Dungeon ads are working on one device but not another, ad blocking through an extension or browser is the more likely issue.

Test an incognito window or another browser to see if another configuration works.

Check your DNS settings. DNS adblocking is also something that's very possible. Some examples are listed here — The way to check this is to see if ads load on another network vs your home network. If it works on another network, then something in your DNS settings is limiting the ability for ads to load.

Some regions may not allow for ad-supported play, like Russia.

Still Not Working?

If none of these is helping then please add more comments and details to our ongoing feedback report. Please specify your device, OS, browser, ad blocker, what steps you've already taken, and anything else that can help you troubleshoot.

Something else that's a helpful diagnostic tool is using a site like AdBlock Toolz to see what's being blocked. There are multiple players who have documented their discovery efforts on the feedback report showing that one of the above issues was part of the problem they were eventually able to fix.

Thanks for playing AI Dungeon.


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