What is the Story mode and how do I use it?

What is the Story mode and how do I use it?

All about the Story Mode

Story allows you to insert text directly into your adventure, unaltered. Because Story does NOT add a > You to the beginning of the input, the AI will treat it the same as it would its own output. This mode gives you complete freedom on how your input is conveyed to the AI, meaning you can do things like force story events to happen, write actions from different character perspectives, or compel the AI to complete a sentence for you.

Get creative, and be detailed with this mode. Simple inputs get simple replies from the AI.  It is important to note that a Story input does NOT need to be a complete sentence, which allows the AI to autocomplete the input.

You can also have Story inputs mimic “Do” and “Say” actions by adding a ‘>’ yourself to the beginning of a line: the AI will not know the difference. However, Story does NOT change your first-person to second-person wording, so if you are trying to stay in second-person, remember to write in second-person. (You can also write in first-person, but the AI was trained for second-person, so it may be a little less coherent.)

Of course, you can literally just write full-on prose, and the AI will write with you, like a tandem story.


Have the AI finish for you...

Player input: Then, the wise old man says to you,

What the AI might continue it with: Then, the wise old man says to you, "Aah... you're an adventurer, I see."

Emulating Do mode, but having the AI finish for you...

Player input: > You sweep your blade at the enemy, and shout, “

The AI might finish with: “En garde you fiends! You’ll never take me alive!!”

Emulating Do mode but have another character do an action…

Player input: > Gilbert gives you the stink-eye across the tavern.

The AI will continue as if a character named “Gilbert” had done an action.

Writing direct prose in first-person...

Player input: “I realized that I'd become the focal point of the room's sympathy, that everyone would feel it necessary to reassure me with kind words and I couldn't bear the feeling, the very thought of so much compassion aimed my way. I decided to stay put. Outside the rain had stopped, the trees had ceased their stirring in the breeze, and the the skies of Bajor were peaceful once again... and yet, my heart could not be still: my father, my anslem, was gone...”

The AI will try to write some colorful prose to continue Jake Sisko’s story.

TIP: Story mode can be combined with Do and Say to help lead the AI around, or used entirely on its own to create standalone stories without any “game” elements to them.
TIP: Story mode inputs can be as long or short as you want. The shortest input the AI will understand is a single word, and the maximum size of an action is 4000 characters. This can be very useful if you want to stop to write (or copy & paste) a full description of something, especially something you’ve already seen, or write a question-and-response in a conversation to lead it along.

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