What can I use Scales for?

What can I use Scales for?

What can I use Scales for?

Trade Scales for Gold (Members Only)

Build your Gold Hoard or get more Dragon actions by trading your Scales for Gold. Scales can be exchanged 1 to 1 for Gold.

Tip Players with Scales (Coming Soon)

Players can tip today using “Tippable” Scales, which are Scales that were purchased with money. Coming soon, you can use all Scales to tip other players.

Tips are a way to show appreciation for other players. When you tip a player, you are giving them some of your scales as a token of appreciation. The most common reason players tip others is to say thanks for Scenarios or Worlds they built.

Trade Scales for Actions (Ad-Supported Only)

Players using the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon can trade their Scales to get ad-free Actions. The conversion rate is 50 Scales to receive 20 Actions.


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