What are Credits?

What are Credits?

What are Credits

Credits are the primary currency inside AI Dungeon. They are granted as a membership benefit, or players can buy them as a one-time purchase.

Credits are used for:

  • Image generations. An image generation starts as low as 1 credit and can go up to 50 credits or more per image for more expensive models, with discounts given for current members.
  • Trading for Gold. 1:1 trade value. Only AI Dungeon members can exchange Credits for Gold.
  • Trading for Scales. 1:1 trade value. All players can trade Credits for Scales. (coming soon)
  • Trading for Actions. 1:1 trade value. Players using the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon can trade Credits for Actions (coming soon)
  • Credits can be traded for any resource (Gold, Scales, and Actions), but resources can’t be traded to get Credits

Credits do not expire, and they will be retained by the player even when downgrading from a membership to the ad-supported AI Dungeon experience.

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