What is Memory?

What is Memory?

How to Use Memory

The AI can only process about 8000 characters of text at a time, meaning it’s only given the last few pages of the story. Memory is added to the beginning of that text, along with the World Info, while the Author’s Note is placed inside the text, near the end. Along with these other fields, Memory is a tool to add information that isn’t in those last few pages, and is generally used to give the AI details about...

  • The setting of the story
  • Your player-chracter, and their immediate companions
  • Details of the overarching story that aren’t always mentioned but always relevant
  • What is currently happening in the story, if it is not clear in the current context.

The AI will use whatever is in Memory to build context for its response, making word-associations and orienting itself to what is happening. This means, when it is reading the current-context from the story, it will have a better idea of what is going on, and give a response more in line with what is actually happening.

Memory can be up to 4000 characters, but it is recommended you keep it under 1000, as Memory takes up space that would otherwise be used for current-context: every word you add to Memory takes away from how far back the AI will see. If the memory is too long, details that might be immediately relevant could be pushed out of the current context.

Memory is meant to be used alongside WorldInfo, which can be used to add details about things only when they’ve been recently mentioned, and the Author’s Note, which can be used to add small amounts of detail near the end of the context.

Memory can be found in the Right Sidebar, under the “Story” tab, in the Prompt Settings.  Simply enter the text in this box, and the interface will automatically save it and use it for your next action.

Tips for using Memory

  • Try to keep the memory as dense and concise as possible, fitting as many relevant details as you can in as little space as you can. Don’t worry about details that aren’t important at the moment, only things you want the AI to be able to reference right now.
  • Focus on story-relevant and action-relevant details. Physical descriptions are only relevant if they’re going to come up, like a character being strong or having a specific item.
  • The AI uses word-association heavily this early in the context, and ignores negatives. Instead of saying that something is “not” the case, use a word that means that.
    • Eg, saying “The Dog can’t talk” will associate “Dog” and “Talk”, while “The Dog only barks” will strongly associate “Dog” and “Bark” at the expense of a potential association with “Talk”.
  • To keep the word-association strong, keep individual topics to their own line, without other things being mentioned, and use the name of the subject multiple times.
  • When in doubt, you can use “inspect input” to see what the AI is seeing, and determine if you’ve made a coherent block of text.

Remember that you can always find more information on this, or any subject, by asking on our official Discord Server, or reading the Wiki.


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