Reference Glossary

Reference Glossary

Important AI Dungeon Terms and Features

Individual entries in the story, created by you, the AI, or another player. You can click these to edit or undo them individually.
Advanced Settings
Options for how the AI generates words, only available to premium users. See Advanced Settings for more information.
An individual play-through of AI Dungeon, also referred to as a Story.
Author’s Note
A small bit of text to be added, inside of out-of-character brackets, near the end of the input; sometimes abbreviated as "AN" or "A/N”. See Author's Note for more information.
Text the AI uses to generate responses.
Context Engineering
The art of creating context which is specifically made with the AI in mind.
Context Manipulation
When the interface changes the Context being sent to the AI, by adding things like Memory, World Info, and Author’s Note.
Current Context
The part of the story which the AI can currently access.
Text which you type into the Interface, or which the interface is sending to the AI.
Text to be added above the current part of the story before it’s sent to the AI. See Memory for more information.
My Stuff
A collection of your Adventures, Scenarios, and worlds. See My Stuff.
Computer generated text which the AI sends to the interface, or which the Interface shows to you.
A block of text made to start an Adventure, usually the beginning a Scenario, World, Quick Start, or the first thing you type in a custom game.
A template for starting an adventure, usually containing a long prompt to begin the story, text in the Memory, World Info entries, and sometimes Scripting.
Program code, written in JavaScript, which makes changes to the text as an Adventure is played.
Numerical values which correspond to words, parts of words, and phrases, used by the AI to input and output text. Read more about tokens here.
A far more structured template than a Scenario, with a built-in set of scripts which cause World Events to happen in the background.
World Info
A set of text-entries to be added to the beginning of what is given to the AI when their corresponding “key” appears in the recent text. See World Info for more information.

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