What is the Do mode and how do I use it?

What is the Do mode and how do I use it?

All About the Do Mode

Do will add "> You" to the beginning of whatever you write, and convert any first-person (I, me, my, mine, et.) words (outside of quotes) into second-person. So, if you write in first-person, it will be turned into second-person, which the AI was trained to work best with.

Whatever is on a line after the > will be recognized by the AI as an action performed by you, as the player, and it will react by telling you the outcome of that action within the context of the story.

This icon represents Do actions.


Player input: Enter the throne room to tell the king of my discovery. What it sends: > You enter the throne room to tell the king of your discovery.

TIP: Due to the way the interface processes input, you can break out of the effects of > by putting in one or two new lines, and the AI will read it as if it is part of the story and not a command to be questioned. (technically, this is an exploit, but we like to think of it as a feature!)
TIP: You can use the above tip to REALLY guide the AI by typing your command, and creating a new line, then typing the beginning of what you think is an appropriate response. For example:
> You look around the dusty room. In the dim light, you see

This will cause the AI to complete the second part, telling you what you see in the dim light.


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