What are image credits?

What are image credits?

What are image credits?

Every AI Dungeon subscriber is granted a bundle of image credits each month of their membership, and all players can buy additional credits at any time. Credits are then spent in AI Dungeon or Voyage to create new, AI-generated images.

For free players, Traveler purchasers, and Adventurer and Hero members, images created with default settings require only one credit to generate the picture. Legend members have exclusive access to unlimited image generations with default settings, meaning they can generate limitless basic images without consuming credits. We have additional ways to use credits on our roadmap, so Legend members will still be granted a monthly credits bundle.

Don’t forget: AI Dungeon Hero or Legend members get access to every Voyage experience and could spend credits creating larger, more detailed images in AI Art Studio.

Hyper-realistic AI-generated art might require several image credits, as these models are particularly expensive. Other types, like 2D pixel art, may require fewer credits to generate an image.

Any images generated in AI Dungeon with the Pixel Art or Fantasy Image Caches do NOT require image credits, because they are pre-generated and stored on a server.


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