Recent Guidebook updates?

Recent Guidebook updates?

Recent Guidebook Updates

We have been working to edit the Guidebook so it is a useful resource that helps all players learn AI Dungeon and how to use it most effectively. Our hope is to see new and old members alike sharing the Guidebook when others ask questions, and to hear that there is less confusion around complicated AI Dungeon-specific concepts. Please reach out to for questions, comments, or suggestions of what could be included in the future.

Fall 2022

  1. Updated main pages with more ‘join Discord’ prompts.
  2. Added new long articles for Memory, World Info, the Author’s Note, and Advanced Settings with detailed explanations, tips, and examples.
  3. Added new short sections for Memory, World Info, the Author’s Note, and Advanced Settings with direct links to long articles.
  4. Added detailed explanations, tips, and examples of Input Modes and Buttons.
  5. Added a Product Updates page with all information from 2020 to present.
  6. Added a Table of Contents with All Questions to easily view everything in the Guidebook.
  7. Added the AI Dungeon trailer to the main page.
  8. Added the Secret Sleepover Society play-through videos under Community.
  9. Added page-to-page navigation buttons for everything.
  10. Created synced information blocks for various presentations of linked text.
  11. Restructured pages to have better information hierarchy.
  12. Reorganized side tabs to be more navigable.
  13. Ensured everything in the Guidebook is searchable.

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