How to enable Beta features?

How to enable Beta features?

How to enable Beta features?

What does beta testing do?

By enabling beta testing in your Settings, you can check out the latest AI Dungeon features in development. As a beta tester, you can experiment with features we plan to launch and review our latest improvements to AI Dungeon.

How do I enable beta testing on my account?

To enable beta testing, go to the sidebar menu -> Settings -> Enable Beta Testing Features in your Game tab.

Where can I share my beta testing feedback?

You can share any of your feedback on any of our official platforms…

Feedback Boards

Our Feedback Boards are designed so that users can directly share relevant details and upvote issues that are affecting their gameplay. You can contribute by checking if anyone had already posted about a bug/request identical to yours, or start your own post if you can't find any resembling yours.

To report gameplay bugs, go to

To share feature requests, check out


You can also ping us in any relevant channels on Discord:

#AID-General is the best place to share and discuss gameplay experiences.

#Community-Help is for getting help and advice from experienced users.

#AID-Feedback is the channel where you can tell us what you think!

Email Support

Our Support Team is available to help with any account-specific issues. You can email and include your username and email address along with relevant details to your issue.


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