How do I get the AI to write about Characters with uncommon traits?

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Getting the AI to write characters with uncommon traits

The AI was trained on some very general stories, and most stories are about average adult humans, so most of these stories are about the average adult human, meaning the AI will default to writing about the average adult human. However, not every character falls within what the AI would consider a “typical” character, so in those cases, this approach needs to be redirected. Fortunately, the AI has read plenty of stories about characters with all sorts of traits, so we just need to make it realize that this is one of those stories.

General Advice

  • Find a concise way to explain the trait
  • Don’t use Negatives
  • Use action-oriented language

Nonverbal Characters

There are many people in the real world, and characters in fictional worlds, who cannot communicate using spoken words for whatever reason. They may be mute, a great distance away with no phone, aliens with another language, or animals who don’t know how to talk.

The AI will still try to have them “Say” things in quotation marks, but there are ways to get this to happen less.

First, it helps to establish that the character is nonverbal, how the character does communicate, and say that they only communicate that way. For example, “Dan is mute and only communicates through Sign Language.” or “Zork is an alien who communicates through a series of beeps and gestures.” or “Hammer is a horse, and can only neigh and gesture.” will all lead the AI towards characters who do something other than speak.

Second, when the AI does inevitably have them “Say” something, you should go back and edit it to have them communicate it in some other way, or whatever response you want them to have. The AI will pick up from that that it should write them that way. For example, if a mute character says something like, “Is it time for lunch?” you could use the edit button to replace that with them pointing to their watch, then their mouth, with a raised eyebrow, have them sign to ask if it is time for lunch, or simply pull out a notepad and write it instead or saying it.

Differently Abled Characters

Quadriplegic, Amputee, and Birth Defect, Deaf, Blind, Limbless, Legless

Nonhuman Characters

Robot / Android Characters

It helps to give the AI multiple words for this: “Robot”, “Android”,

It also helps to distinguish what you mean: “Cyborgs” with “Robotic Limbs”

Anthropomorphic Animals (Furries)

Most characters are human, with human skin and no tails, so the AI will default to that.

For a character who is an anthropomorphic animal

talk about tails, fur, scales, etc

Quadrupedal Characters


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