How do I Search for content by other users?

How do I Search for content by other users?

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Using Search to Discover Community Content

Part of the fun of AI Dungeon is being able to create content which you can share with the rest of the world, and to read and even play other people’s content. The Search system allows you to explore content created by other AI Dungeon users, such as Adventures, Scenarios, and Worlds, so you can always discover new things to do in AI Dungeon!

If you ever find anything that is against our Community Guidelines, or is missing the NSFW tag, please report it to help us keep AI Dungeon a safe and welcoming place for everyone!
By default, content marked NSFW will not show on search unless you have “Safe Mode” disabled in your Settings.

How to Search AI Dungeon

To access the search page, go to the Left Sidebar and click the button for “Search” (formerly known as Explore).

You can also click the magnifying glass in the top-left corner

You can also click the magnifying glass above the popular Scenarios or Worlds section of the Home Page

Content Type Scenarios, Worlds, Adventures

At the top of the search page, you’ll see 3 tabs…

Scenarios are templates that people have made to provide a unique start to an Adventure.
Worlds are setting-sandboxes people have made for you to play a unique Adventure in.
Adventures are stories generated by AI Dungeon and a player. You can read ones other people have made, and even pick up where they left off!

…you can use these tabs to change which type of content you want to see.

Enjoy all the endless possibilities!

The Search Bar:

The search bar can be used (as expected) to find content with specific words found in the titles or descriptions. You can also add a # to the beginning of any word to search it as a tag rather than a word from the title or description (example: #fantasy).

If you want to look for content from a specific user you can also add the @ symbol and then type their username (example: @aidungeon). Please keep in mind that usernames are case sensitive. You can also see this by clicking their name on an entry, which lets you browse their profile.

You can also add a minus (-) to the beginning of a tag or word to avoid content using those tags or words in your search.


These include options for how your search results are sorted, from top to bottom…

  • Best Match” will sort them by relevance to your search.
  • New” will sort by how recently they were published.
  • Popular” will sort by how many likes they have recieved.
  • Trending” will sort by which ones are being played the most at this time.
  • Recently Updated” will sort by how recently they were updated (or published, if not updated).
TIP: Remember that larger, more complicated Scenarios and Worlds, or longer Stories, will often be built over a long period, and may have multiple updates before being completed. If that’s what you’re looking for, use “Best Match” or “Recently Updated” to find those.

Content From

The time filter drop down allows you to search for content within a specific time period.

You can find content from today, the last week, the last month, or from all time since AI Dungeon was released.

Don't see a time frame you like? On the web version of AI Dungeon you can simply change the timeRange equal to any amount of days you would like.


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Disabling this option will trigger a warning which explains that you will be allowing search to look for any published content rather than that posted by approved creators. This content is not as closely monitored for inappropriate content that doesn’t fit within our Community Guidelines, so view it at your own risk, and please report content you find that goes against our guidelines.


This filter will make it so that only content from those you are confirmed friends with or are following will be displayed. Please note that you may want to enable this and then enable the Featured filter afterwards so that you see more of the content from your friends or those you follow if they are not approved creators.


This filter will make it so that only multiplayer content (third person) will be shown in search.

Tips for finding things in search…

You may find that you don't always get enough results after typing something in search. This may be rectified by trying the following:

  • Check your search filter settings. By default, “Published” is set to false, which means that only content published by approved creators will be shown and searched through. Enabling this filter will allow you to search through content published by all users, however be aware that quality may vary.
  • Refine your search to be less specific — it may be too niche of a subject.
  • Consider the words you are using, as you may want to try more general terms.
  • There are other ways of finding content in AI Dungeon…
    • The Home Page has a list of Scenarios and Worlds which are currently popular.
    • Following creators you like will show you notifications when they post new content.
    • The Discord has multiple channels for posting scenarios and asking for recommendations. People on there will be happy to help point you towards something interesting or fun!

Tips for getting YOUR content to show up in other people’s searches…

The search algorithm is relatively basic: it looks at titles, tags, and descriptions. If you want people to see your Scenario, World, or Adventure in search…

  • Give it a unique title with a descriptive subtitle, so the search sees it, and the users know what it is before they click it.
    • EG: “You are a Lemon: an absurd comedy about being a sentient lemon.”
  • Use a few tags so those words are highlighted to the Search feature…
    • EG: “Comedy”, “Absurd”, “Funny”, “Lemon”, “Fruit”, “Sentient Object”, “Transformation”, “Christopher Walken”
    • Unless the user is searching for tags directly, your title will be looked at before the tags when sorting by relevance, so you don’t need to repeat it.
    • The best tags are tags that other people are using.
    • You have a maximum of 10 tags, so try to think of the most relevant 5 to 10 keywords and put them in.
  • Write a description which describes what happens in it and maybe gives the reader a reason to look at it. Remember that the first line or so of it will show up on the search-page itself!
    • EG: “You wake up one day to realize you have achieved sentience, which is a problem, because you are a lemon, and you are not supposed to be sentient. A funny thing I wrote with the AI because I was bored.”
  • There is a special status for “approved creators”: if you want to be an approved creator, try to publish several quality Scenarios and/or Worlds, then apply for it, so that you will show up in more searches.
  • Remember to tag your adult content as NSFW according to our Community Guidelines!
You can read more about this on the community run Wiki, or by asking about it on our Discord Server.

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