How do I Search for content by other users?

How do I Search for content by other users?

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Using Search to Explore Community Content

Part of the fun of AI Dungeon is being able to create content which you can share with the rest of the world, and to read and even play other people’s Adventures. The Search system allows you to explore content created by other AI Dungeon users, such as Adventures, Scenarios, and Worlds, so you can always discover new things to do in AI Dungeon.

If you find anything that is against our Community Guidelines, or is missing the NSFW tag, please report it to help us keep AI Dungeon a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

Content Type Scenarios, Worlds, Adventures


Scenarios people have made

Worlds people have made

Read other people’s adventures, and even pick up where they left off

The Search Bar:

The search bar can be used as expected to find content with specific words found in the titles or descriptions. You can also add a # to the beginning of any word to search it as a tag rather than a word from the title or description (example: #fantasy "#dragon rider"). If you want to look for content from a specific user you can also add the @ symbol and then type their username (example: @aidungeon). Please keep in mind that usernames are case sensitive.

You can also add - to the beginning of a tag or word to avoid content using those tags or words in your search.

Time Filter:

The time filter drop down allows you to search for content within a specific time period. Don't see a time frame you like? On the web version of AI Dungeon you can simply change the timeRange equal to any amount of days you would like.


These include options for how your search results are sorted.


Disabling this option will trigger a warning which explains that you will be allowing search to look for any published content rather than that posted by approved creators. This content is not as closely monitored for appropriate content that fits within our Community Guidelines, so view it at your own risk, and please report content you find if it goes against our guidelines.


This filter will make it so that only content from those you are confirmed friends with or are following will be displayed. Please note that you may want to enable this and then enable the Featured filter afterwards so that you see more of the content from your friends or those you follow if they are not approved creators.


This filter will make it so that only multiplayer content (third person) will be shown in search.

Enjoy all the endless possibilities!

Note: mention Safe Mode

You can read more about this on the community run Wiki, at

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