How do I become a Discord Moderator?

How do I become a Discord Moderator?

Apply to be a Discord Moderator

Are you interested in becoming a moderator on AI Dungeon’s Discord server? We’d love to learn more about you.


Our moderators are our front line of defense in maintaining the safety of our Discord community. They take actions such as warning, muting, and even banning players. They also help make sure discussion stays on topic for each channel, and act as a liaison between the community and the Latitude Team.

As such, moderators are expected to conduct themselves professionally. They set the tone for community interactions.

Previous experience with moderation is helpful but not required.

Extensive knowledge of AI Dungeon is also helpful, but not required.

Moderators must be 18 years or older.

How to Apply

To begin the process, please email and include the following information:

  • Name and pronouns we can call you by
  • Email address used with AI Dungeon
  • Discord Handle
  • Steam ID
  • Reddit username
  • Answers to the following two questions:
    • Why you want to be on the moderation staff?
    • What’s one suggestion for improving our Discord server and community?

Once we’ve received your application, a member of our community team will reach out to you on Discord to continue the process. We will ask a series of questions, and you’ll be invited to do either a text or audio interview. The text interview option would take place on Discord where our community staff and Senior moderators will ask you questions asynchronously over the course of a few days. Or you can opt for an audio call with a member of our community team.

If accepted, you’ll be granted a Trial Moderator role, where we can see you in action. If the team is comfortable with your understanding and application of the server rules, you’ll be added as a Moderator on the team.


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